Archived Check, Please! show featuring King Crab

WTTW’s Emmy award-winning weekly restaurant review series Check, Please! is hosted by Catherine De Orio, who moderates a rotating panel of three “real people” reviewers.  Each panelist chooses their favorite Chicago eatery and sends the other two to dine there and give their opinions.  Check, Please! is one of the station’s highest-rated local programs. 

King Crab was featured on Check, Please!  here




John Honos
The Only Crab House In The City You Need

Cy Sadaka opened up King Crab House about forty years ago in Chicago in the heart of Lincoln Park. Since then, he has made a name for himself in the city's seafood industry and created a reputation for having the best in the business! Cy’s seafood orders come in fresh to the restaurant every day, ensuring the best quality meal at a lower price for everyone that walks through the door!

The new King Crab House is nestled in a quiet and unassuming spot down the street from the likes of Alinea, Balena and the bustling North and Clybourn intersections. It is appropriately surrounded by family homes as the place itself feels like eating in your family’s dining room. Upon entering, guests are greeted with the warm smiles of Cy and his sister, Mitra, giving the feel of seeing family on Thanksgiving. After being seated, guests are walked through the vast seafood menu and advised on what drinks go best with what dish. Whether you order the crab leg options or the seafood boil, the family at King Crab House makes sure you know how to shuck or crack shells and get the most meat out of your meal. 

You'll be encouraged to begin your excursion under the sea with the Blue Point and Chesapeake Oysters, served in quantities of six or twelve then get adventurous with the charred frog legs. They really do taste like chicken! The tender meat falls right off the bone and goes perfect with the ginger-soy sauce served with them!

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John Honos